It is the mission of the Suzuki Preschool of Newton to instill in children at an early age a love and respect for education and the arts, which will enrich them through their lives. We promote cultural, intellectual, and character development through instruction and parent partnership.


The philosophy of the preschool is the belief that natural talent and ability can be fostered through training and nurturing the spontaneous growth process. The focus is to develop a lifelong love for learning and a positive attitude of self-worth and independence, which Dr. Suzuki refers to as a “noble heart”. True learning and skill development are best accomplished when a child’s interest, thoughts, and ideas are consistently stimulated and reinforced by parents and teachers working together.


The curriculum focuses on providing an environment rich in activities and experiences to encourage development in all areas of growth. The academic program concentrates on building cognitive, social, emotional, and psychomotor skills. The integrated creative arts program is interwoven into the curriculum through foreign languages, Suzuki music instruction, art, creative movement, and physical education.


The Parent Program connects the teaching efforts of the school and home. The program operates in conjunction with the academic program:

  • A series of workshops designed to orient parents to Suzuki Philosophy
  • Parent weekly newsletters
  • Scheduled parent conferences
  • Parent Volunteer Group
  • Monthly parent meetings

Want to see what we've been doing lately?

Our preschool provides a weekly newsletter for the parents. Please feel free to take a look at what the children are learning about in the classroom.

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